Common Questions

We get asked a lot of excellent questions, maybe this will help

Do you come to us?

We are travelling photographers, but not like... everywhere. The lower mainland of Vancouver, a big yes, with no additional fees. The BC Interior and Vancouver Island sometimes, especially if arrangements are made to have several league teams participate, so yes to that and a great road trip for us!

Do we have to have a tournament to book you?

No. Not at all. We'd love to come and support your tournament, but often teams just want a poster without the big picture of busy tournaments. So, our customers will create a 'media day' and then we travel to that. The kids love it, (show us your game face, your attitude!) so they get excited to pose for that. As for tournaments, pro photography certainly adds 'zing' to any kind of sports tournament. Of course we're happy to come for that.

But! If it's just one team, say your team, and you just want a team poster or solo athlete 8x10" print it's  easier to contact us, book a time (before a practice or game) and arrange a 'team-only' experience.  We will travel to your field or gym, set up and shoot, 15 minutes, and there are no orders or payment needed in advance. We send you proofs, you order from that, shipping is to one location for $15 and that's the cycle. In summary: you book travelling sports photography with custom team posters, pre-order proofs and no advance payments. Can it be any easier than this? No hidden fees or surprises.

Contact us as early as you are able, because we book in advance and can't attend if we're committed elsewhere. Several tournaments have locked us for 2021 because we commit to first bookings. 

What's Popular

Our panorama team 'attitude' posters lead the way every time. Blended- image solo athlete posters are third, but 8x10's solo poses have surged and are growing every month. For us it's hard to explain: it's such a good time to get these kids to express themselves, let them freelance pose, take a shot and make art with it. We're not talking about look-at-the-camera stuff here. You can get that anywhere. We want the athletes to act out without any pressure (believe us, the team will do that for them). So we help with poses, being natural and just having a good time, but let the athlete just do whatever they feel like. The results can be superb. Think about this: when someone points a camera at you what do you do? That's not what we are looking for.... it's boring....

Turnaround Time?

It takes time to create original sports artwork, every design we do is unique, so...longer than usual. Most posters are delivered in 1-3 weeks after the order date. For larger tournaments it can take 2-5 weeks to get through the creative process from shooting, creating, proofing, printing and shipping. The results are professional and unique, and last a long, long time.

Additional Questions?

  1. Do you pay commissions for large tournaments? Sometimes, but it depends on a certain qualifiers. Call us and we'll discuss it. It's becoming less common because so many cameras are shooting free pictures and it's getting harder (as a tournament photographer) to financially survive. Even cellphone cameras take great pictures now. But pro sports photography is a very different level of quality.
  2. Do you travel to tournaments outside the lower mainland? Yes, we'll travel for superb tournaments!  Accommodations and tournament size are the challenges for business travelling.
  3.  Do you offer discounts?  We are willing to discuss what you have in mind, but if you knew the costs freelance photographers incur, you might be surprised. We pay for everything (gear, insurance, tax, travel) etc. just to show up. There is no salary, no befits, no paid vacations, no sick leave. No pension plan. No dental, no medial. Discounts? That's a tough one.
  4. Do you offer 'Team or League Picture Day' photography?  We are poster specialists. Sometimes we shoot several teams at the same photo sessions that include posed solo prints. However we are not traditional 'picture day' league photographers. The difference is that we offer specialized artistic, creative team posters at extremely high resolution. There are local companies that are excellent at many team memory-mate type services, but it's not for us. We are not 'Picture Day' photographers.
  5. Do we need a tournament to get a panorama poster?  No! We'll do a solo team poster anytime we are available, so it does not require a tournament to book us. We are travelling photographers and will come to you. Just be reasonably close, because we can't travel to Ontario for a $25 poster!
  6. What is your guarantee? Full replacement or refund if you don't like the results. If there's a problem (and we're busy, so yes we can make mistakes), but if you are unhappy we'll fix, reprint, or refund. It's the only way to do what's right. Why does it have to be complicated?
  7. Are there minimum orders? Yes and no... travelling for a single poster is not a great idea, but after we talk we'll have an idea of what the shoot looks like. Thing is, 99% of the time once parents see a proof they like it. It works out most of the time,  and old-school as it is, we like it that way.

Tournament Forms

To order photography services for summer tournaments, downloadable forms will be put here. Check back before your tournament starts. 

Files coming soon.

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