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Paul Yates, Founder & Photographer

Early photography was just a hobby, then semi-pro evolved into full-time experience, with hard-earned money paying for upgraded gear in the tens of thousands... the only way to get it right. Add experience with supportive clients and hundreds of hours of work, countless photo sessions and over years you become credible, and then it becomes what you do. 

Career Overview

Photographers are described as persons who 'use their technical expertise, creativity, and composition skills to produce and preserve images that visually tell a story or record an event." 

The Real World

The real world of professional sport photography is challenging, with grinding hours and low wages. It's often less than glamourous, and humility is the key to survival.  Sometimes you get it right, like this recent story from a CFL BC Lions game:

CFL Story

The Now

It's a great profession and rewarding beyond measure. You enter people's lives as a stranger collecting digital history. The second the shutter clicks, time stops. It's those images than become family memories.

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Photographer Paul Yates takes photos to market, sell, post, create, print, delete, archive, or donate to support youth sports. With over 2 million images over a dozen years of constant shooting  Paul will share his experience when working with you.

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It would be a pleasure to work with you. Tournaments, team posters, special assignments, creative compositions, fundraisers, profiles and marketing sessions are available. 

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